HIV Client Services

710 3rd Ave, Fairbanks AK 99701

PO Box 71248, Fairbanks, AK 99707


Client Service Director

Jeff Neilsen 907-452-4222  Ext 108


Case Manager

Taniesha Emry Ext 110



Interior AIDS Assoiciation offers a variety of resources and services in support of HIV+ Individuals and their Families.


Our  case managers work one-on-one with people living with HIV/AIDS to make sure that no one who needs our help gets left behind. We educate and empower the people we serve and connect them with the resources that allow them to live their lives without the stress and helplessness that comes along with navigating this unfamiliar territory.


IAA  is here to assist you in getting a handle of what your diagnosis means to you, and to connect you with the host of resources available.


We advise contacting us prior to your move to Alaska so that we can assist you with planning around healthcare and medication, and provide information that will prove beneficial to your move.







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